Top 5 Copper Producing Countries

Copper Mining has exploded over the past several years! While the demand for copper fluctuates from year to year, the insistence on the production of it has not slowed down as the years have gone on. As copper is something that is produced all over the world, some countries produce a substantial amount more than others. Here are the top 5 copper producing countries:



It’s no surprise that Chili takes the top spot for countries that produce copper. The country already holds the 5 biggest copper mines in the world, which produce over 5,800 million tonnes of copper over the year. Over the years, regulatory and technical issues have caused blocks for companies, but production stays strong. It will be a surprise if Chili ever drops from this spot anytime soon.


Copper Tonnes: 5,800 million



Over recent years, copper production has continued to increase. The majority of its production occurs in the later half of the year even though it’s unclear as to why. China jumped on the list after the Liaoning province increased its own copper production. This region restarted a 100,000 tonne a year production in 2014. It had been idle for the past five years.


Copper Tonnes: 1,620 million



Peru has continued to grow with copper production since 2013. It has aimed to double its production of 1,400 million tonnes by the end of 2016 as five major projects have been scheduled. The biggest production, Cerro Verde, began the first steps of production in recent months.


Copper Tonnes: 1,400 million


United States

The majority of copper production in the United States is scattered in five different states. These states are Nevada, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. 99% of all production comes from these geographic areas. As major projects have been scheduled for three of those states, it’s expected that copper production will double over the next decade.


Copper Tonnes: 1,370 million


The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Breaking over 1,000 million tonnes in 2014, the Democratic Republic of the Congo will continue to see rises in production over the upcoming years. Similar to the other countries above, copper has increased after several projects had come into play. Besides the country producing more copper, mining also helps to increase growth in the economy.


Copper Tonnes: 1,100 million


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