Copper Mine In Peru Forces Families Out Of Their Homes


Families in Peru have become impatient and unhappy after being forced to relocate due to the development of a copper project. A majority of the families have even refused to live in the new town of Nueva Fuerabamba that MMG Built. They are unsatisfied with the compensation MMG offered and began protesting earlier in the week.

The protests are taking place in a highland region and have not interrupted the operations at the mine. Domingo Drago, who is the mine’s vice president of corporate affairs, mentioned that nobody invaded company property during the protest. However, authorities were able to talk with a few protesters. They gathered that there were 40 departed residents inside the mine building shelters.

The community’s vice president, Obispo Huamani, said these residents will not leave the mine until MMG meets the list of commitments they promised, including financial compensation of 400,000 Soles which are equivalent to $113,955. Also, the families are demanding new teachers for the new schools – ones that will educate their kids properly. The Australian company, Melbourne, agreed to compensate for everything once the families leave the mine.

The production of Las Bambas copper mine just started and is costing $7.4 billion to build.It is predicted to be one of the world’s largest mines, producing about 400,000 tonnes. If these predictions are accurate, it  would excel the economy of Peru and become the second biggest copper supplier behind Chile.

The production of the mine would be beneficial to not only the businesses behind the production but also to the local people in the area. Although the construction of the mine forces people out of their homes, the production of the mine would increase job opportunities.

If the local citizens of Las Bambas look at the bigger picture they will see that this mine can bring major success in the future. Projects in the past have been hindered due to local protesting, but, because this particular project has reached a certain level of development, there is no stopping production.