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Mining in the Nullarbor Plain

One potential mineral haven that has not yet been explored rests in Australia. Very recently, photographs have been released of earth’s crust at a 60 kilometer depth along Australia’s transcontinental rail line. While further investigation is most certainly necessary, the images do show a large amount of interesting geological structures, meaning that this land could be filled with minerals. The… Read more →

Safer Mining with Batteries

Copper mining is a practice that was begun in prehistoric times, however it has never been as efficient as it is today. Several standards and regulations have been put into place in mines all over the world to ensure that miners are as safe as possible. Better yet, every year these rules and regulations are enhanced to make mining even… Read more →

Top 5 Copper Producing Countries

Copper Mining has exploded over the past several years! While the demand for copper fluctuates from year to year, the insistence on the production of it has not slowed down as the years have gone on. As copper is something that is produced all over the world, some countries produce a substantial amount more than others. Here are the top… Read more →

Benefits Of Copper Mining

  The new year has arrived and if you’re an investor looking for a major return of revenue in an industry, you may want to look into the copper mining industry. Copper mining has become a profitable business not only in the nation but the world. Other countries such as Mexico, and Europe have taken part in this industry because… Read more →