Abou Kalley

Aboubacar Kalley is the chairman of African Business Associates as well as the African Copperbelt Summit that takes place every November. Abou is also a Towson University graduate where he studied finance prior to attending the University of Baltimore where he earned an MBA. Being motivated by success from a young age and humble beginning, Abou has been able to be a part of and start many businesses and charitable organizations. Using his education, he has been able to provide beneficial services and revenue streams back to his roots in The Gambia, Africa.

Abou began his career at Aerotek as a credit analyst honing a high valued skilled in risk assessment. From there he moved into a similar role within the American Express organization where he further refined his professional skills. Using his early professional experience, Abou joined the Redcoat Express procurement organization where he spent six years helping his franchised freight company and others procurement within his home region of Gambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Abou is also the owner of Seismic Mining, an exploration company specializing in copper, cobalt and tin.

Ever since he graduated college, Abou has been dedicated to helping those back home in Africa. He has made it his life work to ensure that investment continues to grow in region from companies within developed countries like the United States of America and China.

Abou has contributed to such investment by monetizing the vast natural resources that the African landscape has to offer. In the Democratic Republic of Congo Abou contribute to seismic mining efforts to facilitate the growth of the industry. By doing so he has been able to contribute to the local economy with jobs and influx of foreign investment. Current mining efforts his company supports are those involved with Iron Ore, Cobalt, Copper, Tin, Coal and Bauxite. Across of these mining initiatives he helps these operations within the disciplines of merger and acquisition activities, risk analysis, exploration strategy, offshore capital, project execution, operational logistics, execution, extraction, and many more.

Abou Kalley is also very involved in charitable organizations as he holds a personal drive to help those less fortunate than he. One of the charities he is most involved with is Action Aid, an organization focused on a number of issues, such as land and food rights, women’s’ rights, education and youth development to name a few. Other philanthropic organizations that Abou contributes to include, Concern Universal, Hope For Justice, and Tobacco Free Kids.